LOGO LAMBANG Islamic Solidarity Games ISG Riau 2013

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LOGO LAMBANG Islamic Solidarity Games ISG Riau 2013. 19 of the 57 countries members of the Islamic Solidarity Sports Federation (ISSF) certainly ready to participate in the sporting event of the ISG (Islamic Solidarity Games) 3rd which will take place at 6 to 17 June 2013 in Pekanbaru, Riau. Below is the LOGO LAMBANG Islamic Solidarity Games ISG Riau 2013.

 LOGO LAMBANG Islamic Solidarity Games ISG Riau 2013
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Islamic Solidarity Games (ISG) Riau 2013

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A total of 57 countries of the world will follow and attend the Islamic Solidarity Games (ISG), which will be held in the capital of Pekanbaru Riau province on June 6 to 17 2013. The show featured a variety of activities including games 17 sports (sports), cultural events, transactions, investments, and others.

The 57 countries of the world are generally the largest Muslim countries in the world such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Bahrain, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Palestine, Kuwait, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam , Nigeria, Bangladesh, Oman, Mauritania, Morocco, Uzbekistan, Nigeria, Senegal, Tunisia, Somalia, Guinea, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Congo (Kinshasa), Jordan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Mauritania, Oman, Albania, and others. But the countries that will participate again this will be confirmed participation in the next meeting.

It is the Governor of Riau DR (HC) HM Rusli Zainal SE MP Secretary entourage Solidarity International Sport Federation (ISSF), Mohammed Mazdar press conference in Room C Media Center 2012 County Home PON XVIII on Saturday afternoon (15/9). Of 17 sports that will be shown followed by around 2,500 athletes. Athletes and officials who took no absolute Muslims, but non-Muslims come too.

Besides sports are contested, also held cultural events followed each participating country by displaying cultural characteristics of each country. Middle Eastern countries that is popular with Persian dance arts, crafts, and tapestries. The dance is very famous Dance.

Of the visit ISSF Secretary General, Mohammed Mazdar to Pekanbaru some time ago and this Saturday (15/9), there is one venue that pool to be fixed. According Gubri Rusli Zainal track GOR Pool Pool Tassel Pekanbaru has only eight tracks and national standards will be ten tracks. Because eight
trajectory that new national standards, while the international standard should be 10 tracks.

Government of Indonesia by Rusli Zainal Gubri, with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has issued Presidential Decree No. 15/2012 concerning its implementation committee and the ISG in Pekanbaru.

In the last occasion, Mohammad Mazdar considered that a number of sports venues, hospitality accommodation, and others that an overhaul in Pekanbaru is ready to host the third ISG. Implementation of the first ISG conducted in Saudi Arabia, and the second in Iran. Although Iran is not implemented yet be implemented. Gubri Rusli Zainal wanted ISG is expected later in Pekanbaru third most colossal and the best of the ISG that has been done before.

"A number of facilities and infrastructure that I review in Pekanbaru for ISG activities by 2013 is in good condition, and only part of it that needs to be fixed. Riau I was ready to carry the value of the ISG 2013,'' concluded the ISSF Secretary General, Mohammed Mazdar.

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